“Hi Brandi,   I just wanted to let you know I completed the 28 day detox, without cheating!  I am down 12 pounds and it was relatively painless.  I was full all the time no cravings for snacks.  My biggest challenge was breakfast. I didn’t want to eat eggs everyday and I struggled with what to have.  I did eat Greek Yogurt and fruit until no dairy week. I have more energy, no 4pm slump, I am sleeping better and have a lot less congestion in the mornings.  My husband joined me in the detox and he had even better results.  Bryan is type 2 diabetic and his blood sugar levels have never been better. His specialist took him off of one of the meds he is taking and he was able to cut down on insulin. The specialist feels that if he continues he may be able to take the minimum amount of insulin required in another month. He also lost 15 pounds.  YEAH!”

-Susan K

“Brandi, I just wanted to thank you for your diet changing programs! It has been almost a year since I tried your first one and since that time I have lost 5+ inches from my waist line and almost 30 lbs.! Both the Sugar Detox and the Paleo diets worked amazingly well.  I have been able to keep the weight off so I would have to say that your programs truly work long term. I would recommend your programs to anyone that is looking to stop the progression of slowly going up in clothing size every year. I am now the size I was when I was half my current age and running every day.”

-Doug Lennox age 52

“Hi Brandi, sorry it took so long to email and thank you.  Brian and I really enjoyed your course.  So much valuable information.
I also wanted to thank you for suggesting digestive enzymes.  It worked.  Took a few weeks but the stomach pain that I had for a number of years is pretty much gone.  After years of tests and wondering and worrying about the pain.  I only take the heartburn medication if I eat something really spicy. I can’t thank you enough for making such a positive difference in my life!
I highly recommend your course. I took it in hopes of losing a few pounds but have walked away with so much more.

“Brandi…I took your seminar the first time it was offered last year. I couldn’t believe the information you provided me with about the foods that we eat.  I was so amazed with the seminar I referred 3 of my friends to take the seminar this time around. Over the 4 weeks I lost 8 lbs and felt wonderful, not to mention becoming a real food label nazi. Your seminar was not only very informative but, also very entertaining your teaching skills are awesome!. I did stray away from proper eating adding in way too many wheat products back into my diet and realized why I wasn’t feeling well so, I have started the detox once again and look forward to getting back on track. Brandi your hard work and determination to help people understand healthy eating sure has made a difference in my life and I thank you for that! I would recommend this seminar or meeting with you on a one to one basis to anyone wanting to eat healthy the right way! Keep up the good work!”

“Hey Brandi…..I actually loved eating Paleo!  I am no longer bloated ALL the time!!!  That was a huge problem for me!  I can see my abs for the first time ever…I will definitely keep eating this way!  It was really easy for me to do as I kind of ate like this already….except for the popcorn and chocolates I had to cut out.  So thank you for all your support along the way and putting this together for us all! I feel stronger…I can actually do 6 kipping pull-ups now without a band…woohooooooo!

Thanks and see ya soon, ”

-Julie Elkie


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