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REAL Food for REAL Results seminar and challenge!

REAL Food For REAL Results Seminar (28 Detox Challenge included) The last seminar before the summer just wrapped up, but don’t worry, it will be back in September! See you then…..here’s the “teaser” If you have tried so many different diets that you have lost count, you need to get REAL! This fun and informative […]

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Fave Food #9 Cinnamon

Fave Food#8 Cinnamon. Want to stabilize your blood sugar,lower your LDL Cholesterol and lower your triglycerides? This delicious sweet spice is where it’s at! Cinnamon is a super powerhouse when it comes to good blood panels, AND, it tastes awesome! The study (one of many) that I have included here used between 1 and 6gms […]

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