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Fave Food #24 Onions

Fave Food 24 Onions! Yup, stinky onions are a definite FAVE of mine! I posted a link about the health benefits of eating more sulfur rich foods on my facebook page, and onions are a super easy way to do it! On top of the amazing health benefits that onions have, what about just the […]

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Fresh Okra

Fave Food #23 Okra

Fave Food 23 Okra. Okra is a staple #in just about any Gumbo you make as it’s a natural thickener. The little “beads” in the okra make just about anything you cook them in thicker – in fact, the modern French word for Okra is gombo (coincidence? I think not…) But besides putting them in […]

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Fave Foods #19,20,21 &22 Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts & Cabbage

FaveFood #19,20,21&22 (catch up) Staying on the “detox” trend: Broccoli, Cauliflower, BrusselsSprouts & Cabbage! These 4 foods usually strike fear into the heat of veggie-phobes, but you would really be missing out if you leave these out of your meal rotations! These foods are all part of a group of foods called cruciferous vegetables and […]

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Fave Food #17 and #18 Lemon and Lime

Fave Food #17 and #18 Lemon and Lime. These little guys are so often used as just a garnish in a fancy drink, but BOTH lemons and limes can pack a nutritional punch too! These yummy little citrus bombs have anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-biotic and detoxifying properties, and if all that wasn’t enough, they are WONDERUL […]

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Spinach. Fave Food #2

Favorite Food #1 Spinach! I had to start off the month with an absolute super food…..and I don’t mean “fad” superfoods like goji berries and acai – I’m sure they are wonderful in their own right , but spinach is a true super food that has stood the test of time! If you have followed […]

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