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Good Clean Food

Looking for clean food in your area? Check out some of these websites (alphabetical) to help you find what you’re looking for!
Beaver Vale Farms – my “go to” source for 100% grass-fed beef and pasture raised chicken. You just can’t beat it! Very reasonable priced and phenomenal quality. If you ever wanted to know ANYTHING about grass-fed beef, this website has it! It’s worth searching around.
Beretta Organics – located in King City, they deliver “co-op” organics to your door.
Coopers CSA Farm and Corn Maze – located in Mount Albert, Coopers offers a fruit and vegetable CSA (community supported agriculture) in the summer months and a Meat Share of their own local animals year round. A great local couple offering great local food, check them out!
Hy Hope Farm – a great little farmers market that is open year round.Not much in the way of organics, but everything is local and delicious and I will take that over organic most days! They often have a great selection of local meat in their freezer, and if preserves are your thing your won’t be disappointed. (And if you are looking for baking…..they can not be beat!)
The Eat Well Guide – If some of the above recommendations aren’t in your area, use this search engine to find great farms that are! Just enter your postal code and the guide will tell you what (and where) is in your area. (also check out sustainable table and the meatrix on their site as well)
The Environmental Working Group’s guide to the best and worst fruits and vegetables in terms of pesticide and herbicide use (a good place to start!). You can print out an easy to use guide and take it with you to the grocery store!

Good Clean Fun (ok, you might get dirty…)

We all need to play, and a lot of that play should be active! Whether it be competing at a sport or just playing around, the following local websites (in alphabetical order) should give you an idea of where to get started if you are still unsure about getting active! Not local? No worries, these should give you some ideas for where to start looking in your community.
Logs, Rocks and Steel is an amazing adventure race that runs each summer, usually during the September long week-end. It’s a ton of fun and gets you playing outside the way nature intended! If you have ever thought about trying out adventure racing, check these guys out!
Of Rock and Chalk is a climbing gym in Newmarket – come on now, you remember climbing on monkey bars as a kid, that was real play time! You’re not too old, give it a shot again for a great workout and a great stress reliever.
Ontario Parks have so much to offer. If you haven’t been camping since the boy scout’s, break out the tent and get out there! You can pick how “roughing it” you go – there is everything from campsites that fit a trailer and have electricity to back country camping where there isn’t a soul around. See you in the woods!
Storm the Trent is another adventure racing organization that hosts a great race mid-May every year. There is a great beginner course as well a lengthy advanced course. You pick!
York Regional Forest Trails are a great way to get out there and get back in touch with nature. Run, walk, hike, snowshoe or mountain bike your way to fitness and take in some amazing scenery while you are at it.

Great Workouts

If you are looking for a little bit more of a structured workout, check out a few of the link below. From personal training to group classes, there has got to be something here that will get you moving!
Body Design, located in Mount Albert, offers a very personalized approach to fitness. If you are looking to get started with fitness, personal training, need a fitness assessment or perhaps just want to try out a fitness class, give them a try.
Crossfit Newmarket Central is a fun AND functional workout that will get your heart pumping! If you are looking for a kick-butt workout it doesn’t get much more fun than these guys!

Great Health

Everyone needs a little “tune-up” every now and again. From Naturopathic medicine to Chiropractic and Athletic Therapy, these are the people I trust my health to;
Innervate Health Care Center in Thornhill is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering registered massage, chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, fitness and nutrition (me!). Their team of holistic professionals will take excellent care of you!
EOS Performance Institute offers athletic therapy, acupuncture and massage and are excellent at what they do! If you need to get back to your sport fast, these guys can help.

Leisure and Learning Time

In order to keep our minds as healthy as they can be, we need to continue to learn! Here are some of my favourite websites and blogs. Take a read through, check out a few blogs and keep your brain fired up.
A wealth of information provided by the genius that is Robb Wolf! Check out the podcast as well! Check out his book “The Paleo Solution Diet” on my recommended reading page.
Amazing information, recipes and research compiled by Mark Sissen. Check out his book “The Primal Blueprint” on my recommended reading page.
If you are looking for a way to make the “paleo” lifestyle fit your life, this woman can help you do it! Recipes and rantings, suggestions and solutions, an all round great website. Where she finds the time I will never know!
Angelo’s links to references and research is incredibly comprehensive. It’s a must visit site for those of you who really want to dig deeper and get the real story. He also has a weekly podcast that you can check out!

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