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Fave Food #15 and #16 Grassfed Beef and Wildgame

FaveFood#15 and #16 GrassfedBeef and Wild Game. Ever heard “you are what you eat”? Well, “you are what you eat EATS too”!  If the crap that we feed to factory farmed animals and the horrible living conditions they are exposed to isn’t enough to turn you off, the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef should […]

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“Holiday” Breadless Dressing anytime of the year!

Really good stuffing has always been a favourite of mine at Thanksgiving dinner, butwhat’s a grain-free girl to do when you can’t use bread? Forgo the stuffing?Not me!  I racked my brain, came up with some yummy idea’s and did my best to capture the flavour and texture of traditional stuffing without the bread. I’ve […]

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