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Fave Food#14 Cast Iron Dutch Oven (ok…I know it’s not actually a food…)

FaveFood#6 Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven!Ok, it’s not actually a food but it IS used for cooking my favorite foods!! I can’t say enough about this thing, it’s my new favorite kitchen tool. I use it to cook everything and it’s super easy!! Braised ribs? No problem. Gourmet roast chicken? You bet!! Honestly, if you’re […]

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Fave Food #11 Frank’s Red Hot

FaveFood#9 Franks Red Hot. I put that s**t on everything! There are tons of health benefits of all different varieties of hot sauce (as there is with just about all spices), but this one makes the list because its just so darn yummy! I could tell you that hot sauce is good for the metabolism, […]

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Roasted Garlic Goodness

Garlic makes everything better! I’ve been busy in the kitchen creating all sorts of yummy things (I think they’re yummy, but maybe you have a different opinion) and at least 3 things so far have involved roasted garlic….yummy. So, before I post the other recipesĀ that involveĀ this delicious treat, I thought best to provide you with […]

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