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Parsley Salad

Parley is an often underused leafy green, usually relegated to the side of the plate as a garnish only to be tossed aside. So sad. Parsley is delicious and super good for you! Parley is well used in detox remedies, but it can be eaten on a regular basis to support liver detoxification, healthy skin, […]

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Fresh Okra

Fave Food #23 Okra

Fave Food 23 Okra. Okra is a staple #in just about any Gumbo you make as it’s a natural thickener. The little “beads” in the okra make just about anything you cook them in thicker – in fact, the modern French word for Okra is gombo (coincidence? I think not…) But besides putting them in […]

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Fave Food #12 Kale!

FoodFave#7 Kale! Specifically kale chips! Yup,chips! I love Kale #in just about anything. It has great texture, is easy to cook and is one of the most nutritious things you can possibly eat. In fact, Kale has the most nutrition per gram than any other vegetable (that’s a fact I read and haven’t validated, but […]

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Fave Food #6 Parsley

FaveFood#11 Parsley Mmm, de-lish. If you think of parley as just a garnish you are missing the boat! Check out the posted links, they may seem a bit over the top when talking about the health benefits of parley, but they really aren’t. Parsley is one of the ultimate super-foods….and for those of you following […]

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Avocado. Fave Food #4

Avocado’s make the list on day #3, but if this list had to be in order they would have been in first place! I think it is safe to say that I eat close to 3 or 4 avocados a week. So many people shy away from these fruit (yup, it’s considered  fruit) becasue of […]

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Spinach. Fave Food #2

Favorite Food #1 Spinach! I had to start off the month with an absolute super food…..and I don’t mean “fad” superfoods like goji berries and acai – I’m sure they are wonderful in their own right , but spinach is a true super food that has stood the test of time! If you have followed […]

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