Fave Food #24 Onions

Fave Food 24 Onions! Yup, stinky onions are a definite FAVE of mine! I posted a link about the health benefits of eating more sulfur rich foods on my facebook page, and onions are a super easy way to do it! On top of the amazing health benefits that onions have, what about just the fact that they can make everything delicious! (Soups and stews, roasts, caramelized on salads with goat cheese…..oooh so yummy!). Cooking onions until they are soft and sweet makes them much less potent for those of you who just can’t stomach the idea of onions being yummy. And if you cry every time you cut them like me, try onion goggles!! Yup, goggles you wear when cutting onions….you will loo So cool! Lol!
Obviously I would avoid the battered and fried variety (c’mon now), but onions cooked just about any other way or eaten raw are just great! Here are just a few suggestions; -red onions make a delicious addition to raw salads -shallots are great for cooking and can be chopped super small to be added to sauces -Vidalia onions are sweet even raw and are unbelievable BBQ’d! Try throwing thick slices brushed with olive oil on the grill the next time you fire up the BBQ. -Green onions are fabulous in any Mexican style foods and make great additions to salads (especially egg, tuna or salmon salad) -Cooking onions are exactly that, they are best for cooking. They can have a pretty strong flavor, but they can be cooked to mild and slightly sweet. -Just about any onion can be caramelized and they all will have a slightly different flavor. The key to caramelizing is patience. Cook slow and low until they get soft, start to change color and get a sweet smell. Top a delicious burger with caramelized onions and bacon….sooo good! If onions aren’t your thing, maybe you just need to find that perfect way to cook the for you! Try a couple of suggestions above….who knows, maybe you do like them after all!


Categories: My Favorite Foods!, Recipe basics


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