Fave Food #23 Okra

Fave Food 23 Okra. Okra is a staple #in just about any Gumbo you make as it’s a natural thickener. The little “beads” in the okra make just about anything you cook them in thicker – in fact, the modern French word for Okra is gombo (coincidence? I think not…) But besides putting them in soup, what can you do with Okra? Well thanks to the recipe book “Paleo Comfort Foods” that my Mom bought me for Christmas, I tried oven roasted Okra. Delicious!! I made modifications (as I always do) but it’s super easy. Try this out; Buy some fresh Okra. Wash and dry it. Toss it in a bit of olive oil, just enough to coat it. Toss in a bunch of spices – I used 1 tbsp of smoked chili poser and a half tbsp of cumin and sprinkled it all with sea salt and pepper (this was for about 30 okra pieces) Toss it all around until its well coated and then bake it in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes. Toss it once or twice if you like.
This goes great as a side to slow cooked beef or pork. It should still have a little bit of crunch when it’s done, not be soggy. A couple of notes: Okra can get really kinda slimy once it’s been cut, that’s the little beads on the inside, those are the things that makes soups thick, it’s supposed to be that way!! If the okra is a bit old, it will start to “leak” out a bit, don’t roast these guys.  They will be fine in soup, but not so yummy roasted, they really need to be fresh to roast them. As for health benefits? Well, it’s a vegetable, so there are lots! BUT, a couple biggies; okra is really high in fibre, but its a soluble mucilaginous type of fibre that helps with digestion and promotes bowel regularity. (Great for people with IBS or IBD) It’s also surprisingly high in protein for a veggie (making it a good choice for vegetarians). It’s also a decent source of potassium and calcium. Not bad for a delicious little veggie! Try it out at your next dinner, you may just discover something new that you love!

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