Fave Food #15 and #16 Grassfed Beef and Wildgame

FaveFood#15 and #16 GrassfedBeef and Wild Game. Ever heard “you are what you eat”? Well, “you are what you eat EATS too”!  If the crap that we feed to factory farmed animals and the horrible living conditions they are exposed to isn’t enough to turn you off, the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef should win you over. Up to 47% Less overall fat, usually 100%Hormone and Antibiotic Free (ask the farmer), 2-4X …more Omega3 fats 3-5X , Higher in CLA (a potent anti cancer fat AND aids in fat loss), 4X higher in Vitamin E, and of course, HUMANE CONDITIONS – this is sooo important! Good quality meat comes from happy cows. Happy cows live on pasture, NOT in factory farms. Lots more…. (I’ll be sharing a few links!)

On top of all the amazing health reasons that grass fed beef is better, it’s also a great idea to support local farmers! In Canada it’s not always easy to find 100% grass fed beef (winter makes it kinda hard), but many farmers will at least be sure NOT to feed their cattle corn and soy, they supplement with hay instead [good stuff]). Cows don’t aren’t suppose to eat corn, they  ARE supposed to eat grass. Unfortunately most of the meat we buy at the grocery store has been fed corn to make them fat fast (it does the same to us….) and that makes the fat profile of the beef not so desirable (terrible actually). Buying grass-fed beef in my opinion is one of the best things you can do to improve your health.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart, I actually gave up red meat completely for 2 years after learning about factory farms and our horrible quality meat supply. (YES, our meat supply is clean when it comes to bacteria etc… Health Canada has made sure of that, BUT that doesn’t mean that the animals were treated well, were well fed or treated at all like a living creature). I eventually learned about pasture raised animal and sought out the best quality meat from the happiest cows I could find. We need to be aware that meat isn’t just something we buy at the grocery store, it was once a living creature and the quality of life it had directly affects the meat we eat. I want to point out that I am very thankful to other living creatures for providing me with the nutrition that my body needs, but please never forget that they are also living creatures and I believe they deserve to be treated with respect. I imagine this post may get a few nay-sayers and that’s ok, I just hope it may convince some of you to seek out good quality sources of meat. That being said, check out the resources page for some great spots to find delicious grass fed meats! (the Beaver Vale website has TONS of info on the importance of grass fed meats, check it out!)


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