Flourless Chocolate Cake

Mmmm, cake. This has been a favorite since I posted it well over a year ago on the old site, it’s likely my most requested recipe (I don’t know if that’s a good thing…). I love it too, but before we get to the cake recipe, let me first point out a few things;

First – SUGAR ALERT!! I am not all that into making “treat” foods into acceptable healthy “Paleo” options. Let’s face it, cake is not Paleo, primal, super healthy or any of that…..it’s cake. It’s a treat, something you have every once in a while. Perhaps you have it for a special occasion or just ’cause you felt like making a cake. Regardless of the reason, let’s not try to sugar coat it (pun intended), you’re not making a salad.

Second – If you are going to have a “treat”, make it worthwhile! Find a recipe that works with your 80/20 rule (I personally won’t touch gluten grains, but I have some dairy every now and then….no worries) and enjoy it. There is something comforting about having an occasional indulgence and I think that’s ok, as long as the indulgence doesn’t turn into an everyday thing!

Third – Along the same lines as my first point….Just because I make a much healthier version of cake (I think..)don’t get used to seeing cake and desserts in my recipes section. They pop up every now and then but I’m just not down with taking unhealthy foods and trying to make “healthy” versions of them. Cakes, muffins and cookies are generally poor quality foods, regardless of how much “better” you can make them, they are still desserts. I see far too many people ditch their crappy apple bran muffin for a “healthier” less crappy version of the same convenience food. This is what I call a crutch, (much in the same way that I see Stevia as being a crutch for sugar) a way to continue with bad habits but feel better about them. Do your best to treat all of these types of foods as occasional indulgences, not as part of your regular diet.

Now that all that has been said…..on to the cake!

Living in a gluten-free/grain free household, I find it difficult during “celebrations” to come up with an acceptable dessert that is really good, not just “good for gluten-free”. So, as opposed to trying to adjust, tweak and make substitutions in recipes, I figured why not make something that just doesn’t have any flour at all! This cake is super moist and yummy and I have tweaked it enough that it doesn’t even have any refined ingredients! The 70% dark chocolate and the cocoa is loaded with fiber and antioxidants, the maple syrup is way less processed than sugar (and proudly local!!), the eggs are loaded with vitamins and protein and the coconut oil has been shown to boost immunity and raise HDL cholesterol! What more could you want out of a chocolate cake! The best part about this cake is it only takes minutes to make – literally, and it’s all done in one bowl with no fancy equipment!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

  • 100gm bar of good quality 70% dark chocolate
  • ½ cup organic coconut oil( ½ cup organic butter works just as well and is just as tasty)

**I have made this using 1/4 cup coconut oil and 1/4 cup bacon fat and it’s AWESOME! Something about the smokiness of the bacon fat adds an amazing flavour to the cake…..without it tasting like bacon!

  • 1/2 cup pure maple syrup

(You can also use 1/4 maple syrup and 1/4 cane sugar, or 1/2 cup of sugar if you don’t have maple syrup – I often use Sucanat)

  • 4 whole eggs
  • ½ cup good quality organic cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp real vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Grease a Bundt pan with coconut oil (or cake pan if you like) and set aside.

Place a large steel bowl over a pot of boiling water (or use a double boiler if you have one). Place the coconut oil and chocolate (broken up) in the bowl and stir until melted and combined. Take the bowl of the heat and stir in salt, vanilla and maple syrup (or sugar). Beat in all 4 eggs whisking well for about a minute. Sift in cocoa powder and stir until just combined. Pour into pan and bake in the oven for 25 minutes or just until the top starts to crack. It should feel a little spongy. The cake will fall a little after you take it out of the oven. Let it cool about 5 minutes and then carefully turn onto a plate to serve. Serve warm or cold with a generous dollop of whipped coconut cream or unsweetened whip cream. This cake is really rich so you don’t need big pieces! It also freezes really well.

A few variations you can try….

  • This works well turned into brownies! Add some chopped walnuts and maybe a few raisins or mini dark chocolate chips and cook it in a brownie tin for about 20 minutes.
  • I often will turn these into cupcakes and ice them with coconut cream icing. (I will have to post that recipe another time, but basically I use coconut oil and mix in a LOT of icing sugar …..and yes, I know icing sugar is awful…. I stir in a bit of raspberry juice to make the icing pink as well – fun! It’s exactly the same as butter cream icing, just use coconut oil instead.) Cook them in paper cupcake cups, about 15 minutes for normal size, 10 minutes for the mini’s.
  • I did unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it) discover that this cake is amazing right out of the freezer! Using that to my advantage, I made 3 small and thin round cakes. let them cool and then filled the layers in between them with softened coconut milk ice cream, froze it all together and served it as an ice-cream layer cake. It was a big hit!

Here’s to cake! Enjoy!



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