Fave Food#8 Coffee

FaveFood#5 Coffee! Sure it has pros and cons, but #in my opinion the pro’s win! It’s crazy high in antioxidants and several studies are showing that it can reduce your risk of certain cancers, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes.  Do a google search on benefits of coffee and you will get 129 MILLION results!!
Where we tend to go awry with our coffee culture is with the “add-ons”. Sugar… (or worse, artificial sweeteners!), non-dairy creamers, flavoured syrups and Grandde Lattes. Avoid the fancy-schmancy coffee’s and you avoid all the extra’s that add up to no good. A delicious black coffee is just the way nature intended it – if you need to add something to it, add cream or coconut milk. Cream doesn’t have the same sugars as skim milk or low fat milk and the fat in cream actually mobilizes the caffeine better, just pass on the sugar and try and limit your consumption to the morning so the caffeine does not interfere with your sleep hormones. (A quick word on decaf; if you aren’t buying Swiss Water Decaf, your brew is likely being decaffeinated with Butane, a chemical solvent used to get the caffeine out.  Have the caffeine instead, just restrict your coffee intake to the morning.)

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