Fave Food #10 Sauerkraut

Fave Food#14 Sauerkraut. Fermented sauerkraut is an amazing way to get super healthy #probiotics that don’t come from a dairy source. (OK, be honest, how many of you are totally shocked by that?)  The common belief is that dairy is the only source of probiotics, but in reality, just about every culture in the world has a naturally fermented food as a staple in their diet to keep their immune… systems healthy; Kimchi from Korea, Sauerkraut from Germany, Miso from Japan, Raita from India…..there are all sorts of amazing fermented foods that we can include in our diet to get a great dose of probiotics on a regular basis.

I should quickly explain what fermented means; in short, it’s bacteria preserving a food. The bacteria break down the carbohydrate content of the food making it more digestible to us and provides us with a great source of friendly bacteria that strengthen our immune system. That’s a total oversimplification, but it’s good enough for a Facebook post. I could do a whole post on the benefits of probiotics, but I will save that for later. I will just touch on a few important things here and then you can go and buy some yummy Sauerkraut!

1. Probiotics keep your gut healthy. They boost your immune system, prevent disease and promote regularity. Gross but true fact; Did you know that approximately 70% of fecal weight (yes, your poop) is bacteria?? Cool huh? One of the best fixes I know for constipation is to increase the amount of good bacteria in your diet!

2. Sauerkraut and other fermented foods are not all created equally. If you see vinegar on the label, it’s pickled NOT fermented. That’s a BIG difference. Pickling doesn’t produce bacteria, only fermenting does. If you are going to buy a fermented Sauerkraut, be sure it’s in the fridge and read the label. You are looking for NO vinegar. I buy “Bubbies” from Nature’s Emporium. They have all sorts of awesome fermented foods!

3. We all have heard of “anti”-biotics yes? “Pro”-biotics are the exact opposite. “Anti’ will kill the bacteria (unfortunately most of the time the good goes out with the bad) and “Pro” helps to repopulate the good guys. The problem is, most of us have had antibiotics numerous times but may have NEVER taken a probiotic or eaten a probiotic containing food (except yogurt, which is sadly not a fabulous  source, just popular). If you are avoiding dairy or have a sensitivity, try Sauerkraut instead, it’s yummy! What to do with it?? I eat it with my eggs and spinach, I love it on chicken or mixed in with my salmon and avocado…and of course it’s DELICIOUS with sausage! Enjoy!

Here’s a link to a great book to check out in case you want to ferment your own foods! http://www.wildfermentation.com/books_wildfermentation.php



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